Friday, April 18, 2008

Final version of my 'Celebrating Home' quilt

Awhile back, I entered Quilting Arts' Calendar quilt contest, and today I found I was not one of the finalists. While that was momentarily disappointing, I am still very pleased that I endeavored to create something to their specifications, completed it and followed through with my submission. I spent many hours designing and creating the piece, and even though it was not one of those selected, I am satisfied with how it turned out. I have previously posted 'snapshots' of it, but here is the completed piece:

I used hand dyed and commercial fabrics, Bubble jet transfer for the cat picture, metallic threads for the fireplace highlights and tools, embroidery for the flowers and leaf highlights and beads for the doorknobs. This was based on photographs taken at my residence in South Pasadena, Ca. It is a 1923 California Bungalo, and I was at home there from the first time I went in.

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