Saturday, October 29, 2022

Bowls and cards

 Good grief, October is almost gone already!  Time really flies these days...

It's been a month of making bowls, moving my booth in Sedona Artist Market, and preserving autumn leaves along with using some.

Here's my "show and tell":

Here's my first attempt at a bowl with a braided rim - definitely something I hope to do more of!

Haven't done a bowl with a lid for awhile, and this one just seemed to be a good one for a lid - slightly different shape than my usual ones.

And it's been awhile since I made a ribbon bowl!

I picked up this fabric on a day trip to Phoenix last week - love the warm, autumn colors!

I have been collecting leaves to preserve for some of my cards, and made a few nice ones while I was learning about methods that worked best for preserving the leaves.  Here are a few:

I pressed the leaves in a book covered by other books to preserve them, then lightly sponged on some metallic paints before gluing them to a botanical print card.  I'm glad I finally took the time to try this - I love autumn leaves, and love that I can incorporate them into my creative pursuits!

My lovely new booth at Sedona Artist Market!  Much larger than my old one, and I got a larger clothing rack so I could expand my inventory.  Can't wait to see how my sales went this month!

On the home front, I got our heater vents cleaned out, got some work done in the yard, and did a little ice dyeing:

Time to start thinking about what to do in November - hard to believe Christmas is just around
the corner!  Stay tuned....

Saturday, October 1, 2022


 Somehow, September got away without me creating a post!  Ask me what I was doing, and I don't think I can come up with anything significant... 

Finished cleaning the mud out of the garage left by summer floods

Got my displays set back up at Arts Connection following the month-long Prelude exhibit:

Completed a special order for a friend and long time customer:

She ordered 5 of these - 2 for herself and 3 to give to friends!

Dyed a few other things for the galleries

Took 3 loads to the dump - finally got the garage cleaned out which has been on my list for awhile!

Gave myself permission to just veg a little - been a very busy summer, and I wore myself out!

So now, I'm working on some holiday gift items and thinking about Christmas decor items, but I'm also focused on getting some folks out to the house to do some yard work, heater vent clean out, and a few other things that need attention.  I'll post more about these things soon... right now just need a little more "veg" time!  Stay tuned...

Monday, August 29, 2022

Another Flagstaff Open Studios Tour in the can!

 Hard to believe we've wrapped up another Open Studios Tour, my 13th and the 12th that my friend Cinde and I have done together!  When we started back in 2009. it was just the 2 of us at her house, and it's over 6 miles east of the highway.... hard to attract shoppers when they have to go that far for just 2 artists, so a couple years later we started putting out feelers for other Artists' Coalition members to join us.  This year we had a total of 5, and while traffic still wasn't up as high as we have had in past years, we still had good sales and a fun weekend!

This was my friend Amy's first Open Studios Tour - actually, the first art event outside Arts Connection Gallery for her, and she did great!  Sold from the wall and print rack, and took some commission orders for pet portraits!  Go Amy!  And she was one of the only artists who sold an item at our annual Prelude Exhibit where artists participating in Open Studios show examples of their work so visitors can decide which studio locations to visit during Open Studios.

My friend Cinde who was our host, with her lovely beaded jewelry, badge holders and Tree Spirits, along with some wall art.  Cinde was the other artist who sold at Prelude!

Here I am in my space - sold some bowls, a Spirit Doll and of course some tie-dye.

This was photographer Mike Russell's first time with us - he has hosted his own studio in the past with his mother Linda, but she decided not to do the event this year so Mike came in with us.

And this is Phil Goldblatt, a very talented photographer who has been part of our group for 2 years now.

All of us are also regulars at the Arts Connection gallery in Flagstaff Mall so if anyone didn't get to come by this weekend, you can see and buy our work daily from 11am - 7pm Mon-Sat, and 11am - 6pm Sun.  

Now that it's over, I need a nap!  But I'm happy that we were able to resume our annual event!  

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Good grief! It's August already!

 July was another busy month and here we are in August already!  It's been a month of monsoon storms, some bad flooding around us, our periodic river has resumed... no pix of it yet, but it was robust enough to need sand bags around the back and side of the garage!

Meanwhile, I've been very industrious, working on adding to my inventory and preparing for Prelude Exhibit at Arts Connection and our upcoming annual Flagstaff Open Studios tour Aug. 27 & 28.

Friday was the Opening reception for the Prelude Exhibit, and I got a few pix:

Shot from the entrance to Arts Connection, Aug. 5 Opening reception.

My display - tie-dye dress, coiled rope bowl and freestanding Spirit doll.

The artists who will be at location # 14: Phil Goldblatt, photography; Cinde Dalhover, bead artist and our host for the event;  Moi, in my fave tie-dye shirt; Amy Sheets, painter; Mike Russel, Iphoneographer.

As always, if you happen to be in the Flagstaff area, we would love to have you stop by either at Arts Connection during August, or at the Open Studios event!  Brochures are available at Arts Connection so that you can decide which studios to visit.

Other activities during July: lots of incline ice dyes!

This shirt is suspended over a sawhorse which sits in a bid.  I applied the dye powders to a shirt soaked in soda ash, then added ice cubes on top.  Several hours later, the ice had melted and the dyes slowly migrated towards the sides of the shirt.

A freestanding Spirit Doll in progress.  Awhile ago, I created the fabric I'm using here for the tunic, but had no idea what to do with it.  It languished on my cutting table for quite awhile before I looked at it one day and knew what to use it for!  I still need to do some embellishing, but she will be ready for Open Studios tour.

My latest bowl - a great representation of what it's like to live in our area - folks out here in the "boonies" frequently post pix of our local fauna, and I fell in love with this scene, had to use it for one of my bowls.  This shot shows that the bowl can be hung as wall decor in addition to being used for normal bowl uses, and I will be utilizing this method of displaying soon in my booth at Sedona Artists' Market. 

On another note, our monsoon season blesses us frequently with amazing cloud formations!  I captured this shot several years ago, and it represents the amazing skies we enjoy here this time of year!

I hope you all have a great August, and I'll post an update after Open Studios Tour, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

What a month!

My last post was not quite a month ago - I had to look back to think of all that has happened since then.

June 12th we got to evacuate again - a new fire started on the west side of the peaks and came through the canyon heading northeast.  We saw the smoke, I got bags ready, then we got the "Go" to evacuate.  Back over to my friend Cinde's for 4 days!

I had just set up a shirt to gravity dye, so it sat there for the duration:

If I had been home, I most likely would have rinsed it out the next day, and I don't know if it would have come out like this, but I sure like it!  My love affair with gravity dyeing was sparked, and I've been doing more since we returned!  Here are a couple, including one I custom dyed for a friend:

This one was purchased by a fellow artist at Arts Connection the day I brought it in!

Sold this one to a fellow artist at Sedona Artist Market!  Think I'm on a roll...

And I custom dyed this for another fellow artist, Louise!  Got one in the washer right now as well...

On another note, I recently got a bunch of my bowls back from my friend Jana - we had been collaborating on gift baskets - she's a soap maker - but her business wasn't doing well, so she decided to close up shop.  So I decided to increase my booth space at Arts Connection from a wall display to a large round table, and I got it set up earlier this week:

It's nice to have a space with a 360 degree view, and it's right up in front at the gallery.... first thing people see when they come in!

So what's next?  Well, our annual Flagstaff Open Studios tour will be the last weekend in August, and I will be joining my friend Cinde and 3 other artists at Cinde's home for the event!  And we are bringing back the Prelude Exhibit at Arts Connection - each artist who is participating in Open Studios will have space to show 2 or 3 of their creations so that people can visit the exhibit to see which of the locations they want to visit during the event.  Prior to Covid19, our opening was always well attended, and Cinde's location has had around 100 visitors during the weekend of Open Studios!  We are looking forward to another successful weekend August 27-28, so if you're in the Flagstaff Area, be sure to stop by Arts Connection for more information about the event!  
Meanwhile, back to the dye works I go...

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Fun new projects!

I've had several projects I wanted to try and recently decided to dive into my creative "bucket list" and see what I could come up with!  This first is a "wave" bowl which I have seen for ages, and finally had to just try it - not bad for a first try, and I found just the perfect sea shell to adorn the front.

Next, I tried a bowl with swirls on the side - this was a challenge!  I wasn't sure how to space them out when I attached them to the base, and it was pretty wobbly to stitch together. But I do like the results, especially after I sewed on some small wood beads to give it a more finished look!

The bowl below is a cutie, if I say so myself!  I came across this fabric and decided it would make a fun bowl for Independence Day celebrations - made one and posted a photo on my Facebook biz page, and got an inquiry from a friend about buying it!  So I sent it off to her in California!

One of the groups I belong to on facebook does tie-dye color challenges, and I decided to try one with these colors - very different than what I normally use in my dyeing, but I thought it really popped!

Then I decided to try it on one of my rayon dresses:

Yikes!  Did I go too far with the orange?  Guess I'll find out - it's heading to Sedona Artist Market tomorrow.  If it languishes there over the summer, I guess I'll have my answer, lol!

I saved my latest Spirit Doll for last - she is quite different than most of my dolls - mounted on painted canvas that has corrugated cardboard added for texture, I really had fun playing with creating her... took awhile, but I love how she came out.  She's heading to Sedona tomorrow too, but if she doesn't sell, my heart won't be broken... I have had her hanging in the studio for over a month now, and she makes me smile whenever I see her!

So what else has kept me busy of late?  I'm doing a lot of promotional work on social media for Arts Connection!    We have several new artists who have joined us recently, so I've been posting on facebook and Instagram to highlight them and also our other artists - regular posts help keep followers interested, right?  If you're on either Facebook or Instagram you can check it out: and

I really love seeing our local artists coming in, and our community is very supportive! 

Okay, time to get back to work - I hope you are all enjoying our pre-summer season, wherever you are!


Monday, May 9, 2022

Things are getting out of hand around here!

 Everything was going along so nicely, then BAM!  A small brush fire turned into a huge one, very quickly, and we were forced to evacuate on short notice April 14!  No pictures... we were busy trying to gather things we would need and get on down the road while firefighters were coming in to try and keep our neighborhood safe.  Many neighbors have livestock, and it was very tense for all of us, trying to make our way out onto the highway and away from the fire.  In all, it has burned over 19k acres, at least 130 homes were destroyed, but thankfully, no deaths were reported.  My friend Cinde invited us to stay in her guest room, which was so much nicer than having to be in a motel.

This is a photo I took from the internet - looks very much like the remains of a neighbor's home just 2 blocks from us.  Fortunately, his was the only home in our immediate area that was lost, but there were several others up the main road further west that were lost.

Our winds have been fierce, and that was what really caused this fire to grow so quickly.  And they are still blowing 25-35 miles per hour, with gusts up to 50-65 miles per hour, for days now!  Hopefully, they will die down later this week,

Fortunately, we were able to return home the last Sunday in April - electricity had been restored, and our gas was restored that afternoon.  Food had to be tossed and replaced, but that was the worst that we had to deal with, so we were blessed.

Once we got settled back in, I got back in the studio, and was working on a project that required some of my yarns.  I pulled down a bin, opened it up, pulled out a skein and uncovered a mama mouse and her babies - oh, joy!  Snatched some bags up and started pulling them out, then promptly put down mouse traps in the studio... one of the things Shrekkie used to take care of, but now it's on me!  I've since found another one, and realized I need to do a better job of storing yarns and fabric scraps in tightly lidded containers, so I'm working on that now.  I also ordered some sonic mouse repellants that plug in, so I'll give those a try along with the traps.  

On a high note, Cinde and I attended this month's First Friday event at Sedona Artist Market, and spent a couple of hours demonstrating some projects, visiting with shoppers and meeting some of our fellow artists.  

We have both had good sales there, and enjoy our monthly visits to refresh our inventory and browse the lovely artwork there.

Oh, and two items of interest - I have a Pinterest account, and often post my work there as well as browse for inspiration and ideas.  I had uploaded a photo awhile back of my rag doll spirit dolls:

I got a message from someone in the valley, wanting to know if she was for sale!  Since I still had her, I replied yes and she is now living down near Tucson!  
The other happy news is I got a call Friday after I returned from Sedona from a gal who had bought one of my cotton shells, loved it, and wanted to know when I would have more in her size!

  I am waiting for an order with more blanks, then will dye some up and let her know when they will be in Sedona.  So May is turning out to be a good month so far, and once the winds die down, I'll ba a happy camper!  Stay tuned...