Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I've been busy this month with a variety of activities... first craft show of the 2016 season, a shopping trip in Phoenix to a great fabric store, and a new on-line store, to name a few!
First, my new store - it's on Scott's Marketplace, and there is a convenient link on the right side of the page... I am moving some items over from my artfire store to give them new exposure, and have also added a few items that I have not listed on-line before.  The nice thing about Scott's Marketplace is you can choose to shop local by selecting the state you want to shop in!
I have built up my stock of tie-dye jackets, and just finished a couple with the rainbow spectrum:

This and the others will be back in the Artists' Coalition gallery next week, when the Recycled Art Exhibit comes down and the Co-Op goes back in.  I also have some new bowls and pots going in, so if you are in the Flagstaff area, be sure to stop by - the gallery is in the Mall, close to J.C. Penney's.
Here is one of the bowls I recently finished:

And, of course my scarf collection will be available as well.  Here are a couple of the more recent ones:
 These were dyed with Jacquard Acid Dyes, and the colors are really vibrant!

Coming soon, I will be participating in the Flagstaff Symphony Prelude, a shopping extravaganza sponsored by the Flagstaff Symphony Guild.  The event is Sunday, June 5, at Forest Highlands and it is a fundraiser for the Symphony Orchestra.  I'm excited to be a participant in this event, and hope to see many of my Flagstaff  friends there!
Time to get back to the studio...  

Saturday, March 26, 2016

A few new things...

Can't believe how long it's been since I posted... yikes!  Just a few things to share, even though I've been keeping busy.  First off, a fellow artist at the Artist' Coalition Gallery gifted me with a number of silk veils/shawls and some dyes in colors I have not tried before.  I dyed one to see the colors and love how it turned out:
I used Plum, Amethyst and Ultra-Violet Procion MX dyes... love the rich colors!
Next on my show and tell is a bowl I just finished.  It's the first one I have tried with an outward curling edge... a bit of a challenge to keep the wrapped cords together while stitching, but I think I did okay:
I used hand-dyed fabric, then brushed a little metallic paint on the squiggle to add some visual interest.
A couple of weeks ago, my friend Joyce and I took a trip to Sedona to pick up my friend Sherrie, who is vacationing for the month with her husband Dave.  Joyce, Sherrie and I traveled to Prescott Valley and Prescott to visit fabric shops and have lunch.  The day went way too fast!  Here we are in front of the house back in Sedona:
We all dressed in shades of blue, can you believe it?  I nicknamed us the "Turquoise Sisters"!
Last on the list is a project I found instructions for on-line, my favorite resource for "how to"!
I call this a River Rock Cozy... haven't done any fine crocheting in a long time, but I really love these, so will probably be making more soon as I find some more rocks!
I hope to have more to report soon... I just bought my first Jacquard Green Label dyes, and have begun experimenting with them using the Watercolor method.  Hope to have pix soon!


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bowls and pots...

It's been a busy productive month, and I just wanted to share a couple of my latest creations!  I recently made another seed pot, this one from a fabric I picked up at a local thrift shop:

Since I took this picture, I bought some copper colored eucalyptus sprigs and replaced the rust colored ones... looks better to me.  I love the black walnut branches... not real durable, but the shapes are so beautiful!
My next project was to create a covered bowl with a little experimental edge:
I really love how this came out!  I call it "Carousel" because it reminds me of the carousels that used to come to town with the carnival in the summer, when I was a little girl.  No animal rides on thiis one, but still... I will be using the zig-zag technique on more projects, I'm sure!

No other finished projects to show right now.  I am currently trying to organize my mish-mash of embroidery floss, and bought cards to wind them around and another container to store them.  And I am also dyeing some fabric to use in future bowls.  
Coming up in a couple of weeks:  A day trip with my friend Joyce to visit Prescott and some fabric stores... my stash of batik fabrics is getting low, and there is one store, Cloth Plus, that has a fabulous selection.  Joyce and I make an annual trip south around this time of year to get a dose of warmth, shop and enjoy a day away from our projects... can't wait!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

What's ahead for me in 2016...

2015 is winding down quickly... time to look forward to 2016, and what's ahead for me.

New product - Waterfall jacket

More time and sales at our new "Arts Connection" co-op gallery

New product - Chiffon Scarf

Thanks to all who have supported my efforts in 2015, and I hope to entice you to continue in 2016! 

 Happy New year!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Gallery news, and what's up at the Fiberwerks?

The Arts Connection, our new Artists' Coalition gallery, opened November 15, with a Grand Opening reception on the 21st with a great turnout to celebrate!  For the first 2 weeks since we opened, sales have been great, and we're looking forward to a busy December.  If you are in the Flagstaff area, I hope you will stop by - we are at the Flagstaff Mall on east Rte 66, and the gallery is open 12-6 pm, Monday - Saturday, 12-7 pm on Sunday.  Click here for a preview of the gallery.

Meanwhile, I have been working on a couple of fiber art projects with the gallery in mind... always good to have a backlog of inventory!
"Meandering II", a fabric collage of mostly hand-dyed fabrics, accented with gold lame', yarns, angelina fiber and some fabric beads.  

Coiled fabric seed pot with dried arrangement

Not sure what I'll be working on next... there is snow in the forecast for the end of the week, so I might do a little snow dyeing, but I'm anxious to make more pots too... stay tuned, and I'll try to do better at keeping you posted! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lots of things going on!

So much is happening right now... all good!  Next weekend is our annual Holiday Artists' Marketplace, expanded this year to 2 days!  I will have racks of tie-dye clothing, knit and crochet scarves, covered journals and notepads available.  Here's the latest covered journal, just finished this morning:

This will be my last show of the year, but I am very excited to announce that the Artists' Coalition of Flagstaff will be opening a beautiful new co-op gallery November 15 at the Flagstaff Mall!  I will be a participating member, which gives me the opportunity to offer my bowls, dyed and shabby chic scarves, and some of my wall art for consideration!  The location is in the same storefront where we had our Prelude exhibit in August:
It is a beautiful venue, and we are really looking forward to becoming a regular presence here!
Here are a few of the bowls I have recently completed, which will be on display:

 Take in is next week, so I will post pictures once I have my space set up.  If you are in the Flagstaff area, I hope you will come by!  Here is the flier for our Grand Opening:

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Directions

I just got a copy of Sherrill Kahn's book "Creative Embellishments":
I have devoured the contents, and started gathering materials to learn all I can about the wonderful techniques she describes in the book.  I also ordered 2 others by her that go into painting and mixed media techniques, so I think my winter explorations are fully mapped out!  If you haven't seen this book, do check it out on or other book venues.  It is a veritable feast of color, pattern and textures!  I will be posting more about my adventures through these wonderful books over the next few months, and hope to have items for "show and tell" soon!