Sunday, April 13, 2014

ACF Spring Artists' Marketplace kicks off 2014 season!

Yesterday was the Artists' Coalition of Flagstaff's Spring Artists' Marketplace, and it was a wonderful event!

We had 25 members there, selling jewelry, paintings, fiber art, photography... a fabulous selection of work!  And our devoted patrons turned out in record numbers, eager to support the artists!
I had a double sized booth this year - plenty of space to display my wares!

My scarf rack, with some of the new rayon scarves - some of them found new homes!

My bowls were also popular... time to get back to work!
My friend Cinde on the left, with our fellow artist Katherine.

Cinde's beautiful beaded jewelry, on her newly created displays.

I have done this show a number of years, and yesterday was my best yet for sales - thanks to all who came to the show and supported us!  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Road Trip and other fun things!

This week's highlight was a trip with my friend Sherrie Spangler down to Prescott, AZ.  As you may recall from my last post, Sherrie, who lives in Gig Harbor, WA, is visiting Sedona again this year for some sunshine and warmth with her husband Dave.  Anyway, last week, I drove down and picked her up and we headed for Prescott, about an hour southwest of Sedona.  I know a few fabric stores down there, and wanted to give her a tour.  She posted about the trip on her blog, and she is ever so much better at taking pictures than I am!  But I snatched this shot from her post, taken by Dave before we took off:
Notice the colors we are both wearing?  We did not coordinate our wardrobes before we met!  We just both LOVE color!
So off we went, stopping at Cloth Plus first... a favorite of mine, as they carry a wonderful selection of batik fabrics.  Sherrie scored big time, and I found a couple of pieces for a great price - bolt ends on sale.  Next, we stopped at Seams so Right ,  another favorite of mine... so much wonderful fabric!
After thoroughly  browsing the bolts there, it was time for a lunch break to refuel... so we stopped at a great little restaurant down the street  -  El Gato Azul:

We sat out in the patio, soaking up the warmth of the sun and enjoying a yummy repast.
I had to take a photo of this wonderful ceramic cat, posing at the bar of the restaurant... almost looks tie-dyed, doesn't it?!

Then on to one more shop, "Love It Again", which is a great little shop with remnants of fabric, yarns, thread, books... you name it!
All too soon, it was time to head back.  Sherrie and I are already planning next year's adventure, as we have decided this is a great annual event!
Meanwhile, I'm still dyeing rayon scarves... finished up a couple of great multicolored freeze-dyes the other day, looking like southwest sunsets:

I really love the intensity I get dyeing rayon...these just make my heart sing!  Much, much more to come...

Friday, March 7, 2014

New look at the ACF Gallery

I stopped by the ACF Gallery yesterday in Flagstaff with my friend Sherrie Spangler, who is visiting Northern Arizona this month with her husband, Dave  If you follow my blog, you know that Sherrie writes great tutorials and posts on her blog, and I learned from them how to make my Shabby Chic scarves as well as my coiled fabric bowls... the two items I have been making a lot this past 18 months.  Anyway, back to the gallery... they have done a total makeover, and I'm really thrilled with the new look!
They even bought a great rack to display my scarves, shown here on the left.  Anyway, if you happen to be in Flagstaff, do stop by and check it out: 111 E. Aspen St, just east of San Francisco St.  They are open Thurs-Mon, 11am - 4pm. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring projects

I'm really feeling Spring in the air now!  We had rain/snow yesterday, but today the sun is out, the snow is melting, and I'm really having fun with dyeing and bowl making!  I finished this bowl the other day:

What looks like pale green is really a blue/green, but the lights bled it out.  I love the circles as an alternate way to finish it... I tacked them on in several places to hold the shape.  I will be making more like this, I think.  And I just ordered another bowl book which should be here sometime next week... it shows how to make different shapes, and I'm anxious to dive into it!
Meanwhile, I have been ice cube dyeing.  I have a show coming up in April, and wanted to replenish my shirt inventory... here's a sample:

I'm trying to add different colors to the mix, including some that maybe would appeal to guys.  And I liked how these came out so well, I decided to try the fold on a rayon circular scarf:
I love how rayon takes the dyes!  You really don't get the full effect of the pattern when it's coiled like this, but I'm doing some shirts with the same color combo, so they should look more like the shirts above but really bright and vibrant!
By the way, I recently had the ice maker hooked up, which is really nice when I'm ice dyeing... but I used them all and had to go to the local mini-mart and buy some to finish today's dye project!  Guess I'll have to stock pile a little better for future sessions...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Non fiber-arts project

Normally, I try to stick with just my fiber arts projects here, but yesterday marked the completion of a home project that I am very pleased with, and I decided to share it with you.  We have lived here almost 11 years, and the home was constructed in 1996, which meant our kitchen was 18 years old, and in real need of a remodel!  Last summer we had new vinyl flooring put in, because I couldn't stand the old floor any more... no matter what I did, it looked old and dirty.  Well, once we got the new floor in, the rest of the kitchen really began to show its age, so I decided this year was the year of the make-over!  The dishwasher, stove and refrigerator were replaced, then I had our contractor (who happens to be a neighbor - very convenient!) come over to help decide how to complete the renovation.  He did some preliminary measurements, then sent me over to Home Depot to look at what they had and see what fit my mental picture of how I wanted the kitchen to look.  I checked out what was available, came home with a chart of the cabinet components, and we started figuring out what would fit where.  Fast forward a little... I ordered cabinets and countertops, we set a start date, got someone over to measure for a custom counter top on our kitchen island, and work began February 10th.  Here are some 'before' shots:

And below, are the 'after' shots:

Here are Richard and Lawrence, the contractors:
These guys do a great job, and I can always depend on them... a real treat!
I still have a couple of finish up tasks to do, but I am really thrilled with the make-over!  It's beautiful, and I have actually added storage space so that my counters will stay uncluttered (she said hopefully!).  
So everything is put away, the work station I set up in my office (see below)
has been dismantled and boxes are empty and stored in the garage.  Now maybe I can get back to my studio and create some more art!  


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My, how time flies!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted here!  And I don't have a lot to show for it, either! I have done some experimenting on a few things, and I'm gearing up to write some posts for "...And Then We Set it On Fire" , but they won't be published until July.  So I'm afraid I've been just puttering, catching up on non-fiber arts things, and the big news is we're preparing to have our kitchen remodeled!  I spent time looking at cabinets, counter tops, appliances, etc.  Today the cabinets and counter tops were delivered, the new stove and fridge are in, and we have a tentative start time for the re-do for sometime in early February. I am not looking forward to the 7-10 days of chaos while the old is ripped out and the new is installed, but I know we're going to love it when it's done, so check back for pix in a few weeks.
On another note, yesterday was "Road Trip" for me and two if my buddies, Joyce & Cinde.  We went to Phoenix to soak up some warm temps, shop, eat too much, and attend the "Chihuly in the Garden" exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens:

 Here is a sample of the Chihuly Glass Art on exhibit
 Joyce, standing next to a giant Saguaro - she's a little over 5', so you can see how tall it is! 
 Joyce, Cinde and me having a "Girls Road Trip"
 An incredible piece!  Fits in well among the cacti, doesn't it?
 A giant display of beautiful orbs... looked like a wonderful cluster of birthday balloons!
This cactus wren had a beautiful song... wish I had thought to try and get it on video!

I took over 60 photos there, but this gives you an idea of what we saw.  The exhibit will be there until 5/18/14, in case you want to check it out.  We spent at least 2 hours there, and really enjoyed it.  Here is one last shot to tempt you:

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What the New Year will bring...

Happy 2014 everyone!  I was really hoping to have a comprehensive post ready to go for the first day of the New Year, but I have been busy... just doing!  And I have a few year-end tasks I do for my biz and getting ready for the tax man.  Today, I updated my inventory list and started my physical inventory... it will take a few days to get that wrapped up.  Then this morning, I got busy and cleaned out the fridge... always a fun task, but one that needed to be done!
Craft-wise, I did finish a bowl with a lid that I'm very pleased with:
I used the same fabric as the oval-shaped bowl I posted about recently, and found a wooden bead to use as a lid handle, which just happened to match a button I found in my stash to finish off the round circle on the front of the lid.  I know there will be more bowls like this in my future!
On the experimental front, I have decided to give felting a try, although I don't have all the necessary materials on hand yet.  Here is a picture of my first attempt, using some woven wool-like fabric as the base, with some roving and other bits and pieces:
It's nowhere close to being 'felted', but I am liking the appearance.  I hope to get some felt for the base soon, and will post more when I have something to report.
As you may know, I am a Resident Artist on the blog "... And then we set it on Fire" which is a really neat spot to find posts on various Surface Design Techniques.  This year sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun, with some new Fiber Artists participating, and some format changes that I think visitors will enjoy... if you are not familiar with the site, check it out!
As for 2013, it turned out to be a really great year for me - I participated in 5 shows this year, including one that I helped organize and produce, and had good to great sales in them all; I worked hard to improve my bowls and "Shabby Chic" scarves, which have become my 2 best sellers, especially at the Artists' Coalition of Flagstaff Art Gallery;  all in all, it was a good year for me creatively, and I hope that 2014 will be just as good. So stay tuned, and I will continue to keep you posted on what I'm up to... right now, I need a nap!