Saturday, April 19, 2008

April Surface Design playdate

Today was our first play-date in awhile, and 5 of us got together to work on monoprinting. Well, 4 of us monoprinted and Melly dyed yarn and knitted... the mad knitter!
Here are some of the results:

This is a leaf stamp that Linda carved from a linoleum block. It was stamped on thickened dye that was applied to her plexiglass surface, then the fabric was laid on top and gently pressed into the dye.

Nora used a pebble-textured place mat, placed under a previously dyed fabric, then applied dye to the fabric to pick up the design.

Ruth is very prolific, and here is a small sampling of the pieces she completed or started today.

This is one of my pieces, using netting to create a design.

I used a 'found' texturizer on this one - a plastic do-hicky that was originally used to coil miniature Christmas lights...

That's Nora on the left, Linda on the right.

Here's Ruth

Here's Miss Melly - teacher, artist, mentor, friend, fanatical knitter!