Monday, July 17, 2017

Prelude Exhibit, Open Studios and more

This year I will be participating in the 20th Annual Flagstaff Open Studios Tour, a 2-day event where artists throughout the area open their studios to the public for demonstrations and sales.  This will be the 9th year for me, and the 8th sharing space with my friend Cinde at her lovely home.
Me and Cinde at the Opening of the Prelude Exhibit, 2016

 Each year, we hold a month-long exhibit of the participating artists' work prior to the Tour, and we will again be in our wonderful Arts Connection gallery at the Flagstaff Mall.  Opening Reception for the Prelude Exhibit will be Saturday, August 5 from 6 - 8pm at the Arts Connection Gallery, located in the Flagstaff Mall.  If you are in the area, I hope you will stop by either for the Opening or sometime during the month of August!

Here is one of the 2 pieces I will have on display this year... something that came out totally different than what I originally had in mind!

I started out thinking I would make a coiled bowl that would be large enough to contain a potted plant, just to do something a little different.  Instead, I ended up making a covered bowl, utilizing a branch of black walnut for a handle, and creating a cluster of leaves with bead "berries" as an embellishment.  You never know where the muse will take you, and I'm glad I decided to just follow her instead of trying to have my own way!


Beth said...

I think this coiled bowl and lid are my FAVORITE ever!!!. I wish I had a place to display it because I'd buy it in a nanosecond

Jeanne Aird said...

Great sculptural bowl. Glad you let your muse lead the way! Good luck with the exhibit.