Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Away for far too long

I have no excuse for not posting since May, other than I've been busy in the studio, the gallery, etc. What do I have to show for all that time away?  Lots of sales and lots of dyeing and bowl making!  Here is a picture I took yesterday:
I'm on display in the center window of the gallery - One of my "Easy Breezy" rayon dresses, with an array of silk and rayon scarves, and a sprinkling of my hand-sewn "Shabby Chic" scarves.  This dress is the last one until my next order comes in tomorrow, then I'll be dyeing up a storm to try and sell some more before the end of July.  August 1 we take town the gallery and get it set up for the "Prelude" exhibit starting Aug. 5.  That exhibit will show pieces from all the artists (me included) who will be participating in this year's Open Studios tour the last weekend of August, so I'll be busy getting ready for that, then back in the gallery for the regular event in September.
Before I close, I do want to show off a couple of things I have been working on this summer:
This is a coiled fabric coaster set, complete with lidded container, shown here on a piece of the fabric used to make the set.  

This is one of my permanent marker and alcohol silk scarves... these have sold very well, and I hope to complete several more for Open Studios.

I hope you are having a great summer, full of wonderful creative activities!

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