Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Getting ready for Open Studios Tour

Hard to believe that the Flagstaff Open Studios Tour is less than three weeks away!  It always seems so far off, then I wake up one morning, look at the calendar and go... OMG!  Time to ramp up production and crank out more product!
Every year, we have the Prelude Exhibit for the entire month of August, which allows the Open Studios artists to display samples of their work to the community, to help them decide which artists' studios to visit.  This year, we are holding the exhibit in a beautiful store in the Flagstaff Mall:

We had over 500 in attendance at the Opening Reception Saturday, and I sold both of my pieces... a good omen for the Tour!
Meanwhile, the Bowl Werks is up and running: 

   And the Autumn Leaves shirt factory is up and running:

Time to head back to the studio... time's a wasting!  Stay tuned...


Sherrie Spangler said...

Go Judy go!!!

Beth said...

Good for you Judy. Keep crankin'