Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day two - freeform quilting

I made some squares from slices off the strips I created yesterday:
This was the first... a simple border using strips from two solid color fabrics. You can see the original strip above the square.

On this one, I cut a slice in two and inserted a strip of purple hand-dyed fabric after flipping one side top to bottom. I'm sure I will do more to this one... maybe add border(s).
I cut a slice of the original strip here, then added borders to all 4 sizes, log-cabin style. I'm really loving that I can use both commercial and hand dyed fabrics to create these blocks!
I'm not going to give away all of Rayna's secrets, 'cause I really think you should buy her book, but at least you can see a little of how easy these are going together! I have no idea if or what I will use these for... right now, I'm just enjoying the process!


Rayna said...

I can see already that you are a natural for this way of working! Love it.

tiedyejudy said...

Thanks, Rayna. I love the freedom! It has always been hard for me to follow precise patterns... much easier for me to use guidelines to create, and your book is the perfect guide!