Sunday, November 27, 2011

More freeform

I'm having so much fun! Today, I did 2 framed squares and a neutral strip set:
This square was made with fabrics I created in '07 when I took Melly Testa's class in surface design techniques... hard to believe it took this long to use them!
I'm not sure if I painted the center square of this block, or used sharpie colored markers... at any rate, I found fabrics in my stash to create the borders... some hand dyed, some commercial.
This strip set was a real challenge... I don't have many 'neutral' colors in my stash, but luckily I found enough to make a good sized piece, and I have some more set aside that should make some other color combinations. I can tell I will be at this awhile before I have enough blocks and strips to do anything with them, but fortunately I am enjoying the process! More to come...

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