Friday, November 25, 2011

Time for a new project!

Last week I got my copy of Rayna Gillman's new book:
It's a real easy read, with lots of great photos to go with her instructions, and it's available now at
Today, I started to follow her instructions on cutting and stitching strips. First, I cleaned my workroom, putting away lots of things that had accumulated on my work table, sewing machine, etc. I forgot to take a picture afterward, and there's little chance it will look that good for some time to come! Here's how it looks now, after I pulled a bunch of fabrics, organized them by color, then started to put together my first 3 strip sets:
I'm real glad I have a door I can close when I leave the room... it's utter chaos now!
But I did get 3 strip sets cut and sewn so far:
I have no plan yet for how I will use these... just getting used to cutting and sewing them. There are some other techniques I will be learning which I haven't tried before, so I'm pretty much in play and learn mode right now. I do know that I am enjoying 'therapy sewing'! I have so much stash I have accumulated over the years that it's really nice to be using some of it up! And I'm getting a chance to combine some of my hand dyed and surface designed cloth with commercial fabrics... I like how they look together! So stay tuned... I will be posting more pix as I go along, and I hope you will buy Rayna's book! She makes everything so fun, and her instructions are easy to follow, which is saying a lot for me, since I don't usually do instructions very well!

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