Sunday, November 28, 2010

The list goes on....

A long time ago, I got into the habit of making lists. It's a great way to keep track of things - groceries, chores, projects. And as I take care of each item on the list, I check it off, line through it, or in the case of my project board, erase the item. So you would think that, sooner or later, the list would be finished, right? NOT! Especially in the case of my project board, I just keep thinking up new ones! Here is a picture of my current list:

First item: video clips. I have done 4 so far - demos of how to do various tie-dye techniques. I have them on youtube, and they are getting pretty good views! Trouble is, I keep coming up with more I want to do, so the item is still on the board.
Next: overdye white-on-white fabric. Several months ago, my friend Joyce and I visited several fabric stores in the area, and I picked up some white on white and black and white pieces to see how they would look if I dyed them. I'm almost ready to try this, since I have quite a bit of leftover dyes from other projects, so I may be able to knock this off soon.
Next: Batik on silk. I have actually tried this on a couple of scarves, but I'm not satisfied with the results, nor am I ready to stop trying, so it stays on the board.
Mounting fiber pieces to canvas... I gave a half-hearted try at this one last summer, but haven't had time or inspiration to try again. This one may end up being removed just to make room for something else, who knows?!
Indigo dyeing - this one will need to wait until warmer weather... I meant to get to it this year, but I just never had the time to devote to it! I have a starter kit, a 5 gallon bucket with lid... just need uninterrupted time to focus!
Cell phone covers... this was something I hoped to get to this year. I have lots of fabric scraps, and thought it would be a great item to add to my inventory, but again, lack of sufficient time to at least develop a pattern I like, so maybe this winter I can work on a prototype!
Taos A.Q. - this is an art quilt I began a few months back, but had to set aside to prepare for my last show of the year. It is patiently waiting for me on my design board, and I seriously hope to get back to it in the next week or two!
Try steaming silk! Well, this ties in with batik on silk, and I have tried it. I leave it on the board, because I was not satisfied with the results, so once I get back to trying more silk batik, I may try this again.
Last, Thermofax screens - fibra artysta. R0ssie mentioned getting a thermofax screen from Lynn , and this is something I have wanted to do for awhile! I have some ideas about designs I could use on my tie-dye, so I'm hoping to work a few up and have her make them for me.
So there you have it - a list that never seems to get shorter, in spite of the fact that I have accomplished a large number of items since I put this board up next to my PC and started using it!