Saturday, July 17, 2010

Upcoming experiments/storm update

Yesterday, my friend Joyce and I visited 5 fabric shops in the area, and my quest was to find black and white or white on white fabrics. I plan to experiment with overdyeing them. Believe me, with all the colorful fabrics in these shops, it was a struggle to stick to my guns, but I ended up finding a good selection to play with:

Unfortunately, you can't really see the designs on the white fabric too well... the one on the left has butterflies, the one on the right looks like egyptian hieroglyphics, and the rolled one on the right has sort of lozenge shapes. The square on the upper right makes me want to color with fabric markers or sharpies! I can't wait to play with these, and will post the results when I have some.
Did I mention that this little adventure was a 'Shop Hop'? I have no idea if this happens anywhere else, but once a year these shops put this event together, and if you buy a 'Passport' and present it to the clerk when you are making your purchase, you get a discount on your purchase, they stamp your 'passport', give you a charm pack of fabric squares, and you get a chance to win a prize if you visit all the shops. Well, we won't be eligible for the drawing, but we got the discounts and charm packs, and Joyce donated hers to me because she doesn't make anything with such small pieces of fabric, so I have those to play with too!
Meanwhile, by the time I got home, I discovered we had our first flood while I was away, but it wasn't bad! Floodwaters crossed over a corner of our property that was closest to our garage, but flowed away from it. A friend loaded up her truck at the sandbag station and brought it over, so we have started a barrier to prevent any further migration towards the garage, should the flow continue in this area:

My hubby and I took a tour of the properties uphill from ours, and they got hit bad up there. One home had floodwaters come inside. Our neighbors to the left of this picture had quite a bit of flooding in their yard, but had sandbagged in front of their home, so hopefully didn't suffer any damage inside. One street over apparently got hit really bad, and our neighbors to the north had a lot of water washing over the road, but again had sandbagged well enough to keep the flow out of their yards. This is going to be a really interesting Monsoon season for sure!

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