Monday, November 29, 2010

One down...

So... I scrounged around in my fabric stash yesterday and found enough scraps of hand-dyed fabric to make a cell phone case yesterday! This is fabric I used earlier this year to make some sun visors, and I really love the colors and patterns... even the scraps! I started out with a 10 inch square of muslin and did a crazy quilt variation, starting with a 5-sided piece and building around that with other pieces until I had covered the square. Then I sandwiched a piece of solid color yellow lining, batting and the top piece, then just did stitch in the ditch to quilt. I was going to get all fancy with free-motion quilting, but decided to keep it simple. After all, this is a prototype, and I mainly wanted to test the pattern to see how easily it went together. I am pleased, and will probably make up some of these for the shop soon. Meanwhile, if you want to try the pattern, you can download it here, compliments of Susan Brubaker Knapp... thanks, Susan! Meanwhile, I'm going to leave this item on my project board for awhile to remind me to make some more, but at least I have made a start at working through the list!

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