Sunday, January 10, 2010


I haven't had much time this week to work on my slow cloth project, but did get some work done yesterday on one of the comets:

Earlier in the week, I began outlining the points with 2 shades of floss, then decided to turn under the raw edges to finish the edges. I am about half-way done with the applique, and I'm getting some idea of what I will do to enhance the comet itself. This is a piece of rust-dyed fabric I did over a year ago, using rebar and wire to create the rust design on a loose weave fabric. Don't remember where the fabric came from... either something I bought long ago, or fabric from my Step-mom's stash that I brought home in '97 after she passed. Either way, I like the feel, and love the pattern. This was one of the best rust-dyed pieces I did, and I'm glad to be finally putting it to use.
Before I started the area with the comet, I did quite a bit of embellishment on the Milky Way section:

I originally did a lot of quilting here, but added beads, metallic thread, and some sequins to highlight the 'stars'. I like this project because it is indeed 'slow cloth', and I have no deadline or concern about when I will finish... don't even have a clear idea of how I will know when it IS finished! It's just something I can pick up and work on when I have a need to slow down.

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Suzanna said...

I love that little comet with the person inside. The points look good. I have a hard time with turning point edges under.