Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another goal for 2010!

Okay, I know... I'm such an over-achiever! There are just sooooo many things I want to do. This is something I have been wanting to do for awhile, and I just decided I am going to at least make a start this year. When I was first trying to learn how to tie-dye, there was very little available in the way of instruction... I found a few small booklets showing a series of basic folds, with general instructions on how to apply the dye. It was enough for me to get started, but I found it very frustrating not to be able to actually see someone do the folds, dye the item... it's just the way I learn best. Over time, I experimented, but the big 'aha' for me was when I got my first video showing how to do various designs. First off, I learned to dampen my garment before tying the design. Then I learned a better way to tie the design than I had been using. Then I learned new designs... it blew my mind! Since then I have found a few more videos, joined some dyers' forums, and built up my skillsets so that I think I am finally ready to try my hand at creating some simple video instructions to post on my 'Hippiewear' blog, where almost everyone who visits is looking for tie-dye patterns! I have posted some links on the blog to forums and other sources of information, but would love to share some of what I have learned with other dyers that takes the encounter beyond the written word, into the world of visual demonstration. Probably sounds impossibly ambitious, but I think it can be done in a simple manner... wish me luck! And stay tuned... this could be good for a few laughs!


Connie Rose said...

Sounds good to me, Judy. Good luck with moving it forward.

Flamingo K said...

How exciting. I'll be looking forward to seeing it.

Approachable Art said...

Oh Judy, this is a fab idea, I can't wait to see your vids!

- Judi