Sunday, January 10, 2010

Knitting update

I haven't posted much about my knitting projects lately, but I've been plugging along. The last project I worked on was a knitted scarf using circular needles. I had to overcome the feeling of awkwardness I experienced at first, and had a couple of occasions where I had to rip out rows because I forgot to turn the work! Guess it'll become more natural as I go along. At any rate, I am pleased with my progress, and thought I would share my latest:

I confess that I have no urge to plunge into more complex projects at this time. My reason for wanting to learn how to knit was simply to have 'handwork' to do when I am watching TV, and don't want anything I have to give a great deal of thought to. On the other hand, I love working with fiber, and find simple projects to be very satisfying, especially if I can end up with a usable item. So don't be looking for me to get into sweaters, sox, or hats any time soon!

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