Thursday, December 18, 2008

Small Art

I have been working on another 'Small Art' series the past few days. I started with a piece of Complex Cloth I created summer before last... I know, not too swift! But I'm getting there... anyway, this was a piece I dyed using Low Water Immersion, then bleach discharged with torn newspaper as a resist. I fused the fabric to pellum, then I fused on some of another LWI piece, added ribbon and yarn, stamped some with metallic fabric paint, then used various techniques to finish the edges. I will probably go in and add some sparklies before I declare them finished. Oh, and I have 2 more I need to bind as well. These are really fun pieces to work on! And I'm thinking I want to try mounting them and framing as wall art. I'll post pictures of the final result when they are done.

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