Friday, June 20, 2008

And yet another new project... sigh!

Well, I've done it again... veered off course to delve into something new (for me)... grocery tote bags! The pressure is on to reduce/eliminate our use of plastic bags, and I had one of those 'AHA' moments... opportunity to be a part of the solution by creating something I can sell! And so I am diving into my stash, scouring the fabric store remnant piles, taking donations from friends, to create as many 'low-cost' totes as I can find the time to make. Here is a sample of what I have done so far:
The fabric for this one isn't very exciting, but I loaded 9 pounds of groceries from my pantry into it! And I love the design... easy to make, rolls up conveniently for storage and transporting to the store. Now I just need to convince the baggers at the store that I want them to be used! I have a friend who is going to take a bunch with her to a 3-day craft fair over July 4th weekend, and we will see how they sell. I hope to become the premier bag lady of Flagstaff!

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