Sunday, April 6, 2008

What A Rush!

Last night was the opening of the Recycled Art Exhibit at the Coconino Center for the Arts. I have two pieces on exhibit there, and it is my first EVER art exhibit! We had a huge turnout for the event, and a fantastic collection of art made from castoffs, junk, scraps, you name it! Here are some pictures I took:
Here I am with 'New Directions', my scrap heap entry.

This is a bird made of coke cans.

Mobile made of driftwood and metal 'things', foreground; Scrap metal Windchime, background.

Models wearing clothing of recycled materials, including plastic bags!

This is a fabulous piece! It is a collaborative student work combining hand made dolls representing many cultures.

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Plain Jane said...

Congrats on the art exhibit! What fun! A local gallery is having a similar thing next month, and I'll be modeling a shawl I made from organza and matchbook covers!
Love your coke can bird too!