Monday, February 18, 2008


Well, as you can tell from the last couple of posts, I couldn't decide which end was up on my Scrap-heap quilt, but I finally got it together and it is DONE! Yaaay! I went out to the garage yesterday to rummage in my boxes of craft supplies for a couple of things. While I was there, I found a nice piece of bark in the wood pile that I glued down with craft glue, added some embroidery floss and beads, removed the gray triangle and rectangles from the upper right corner, and declared the embellishments completed. Then it was just a matter of trimming, adding the backing and sleeve and TA-DAH! Only thing left is to create and attach the label on the back.

I had enough time after I finished this one that I decided to finish one of the art cloths I created using defective DVD's awhile back:

All I did with this was add pellum and backing, then I did a simple running stitch to divide the squares. It's hard to see in such a small picture, but I think the design is fine without further enhancements, so we'll see. I am submitting both pieces for our Recycled Art Exhibition. Even though the second one was made using new fabric, the dyes I used for the first layer were left over from another project, and the DVD's were saved from the landfill!


Plain Jane said...

dvds saved from the landfill? Is that a good thing? :-) seriously I like this piece a lot, and would love to see it in person!

tiedyejudy said...

Thanks, Jane, for all your great comments! I do love this one... totally unexpected results, considering the way the first one came out. And it does show better in person than its picture. You'll just have to stop by if you get up here for the Surface Design symposium this summer!

Love ya,