Friday, February 22, 2008

Crazy about rocks!

I am a rock-lover... got the bug from Grandma Doane when I was a kid, and never lost it. Back in 1997, Bruce and I went on a 12-day driving trip around the perimeter of California. Our first stop was at Lone Pine, on the east side of the state, and the big draw there was the Alabama Hills. I had never heard of them until we went there, but the minute we drove up into the hills and I saw the incredible rock formations, I was a goner! The rocks are ancient, enormous, and very soothing. It was very quiet there and incredibly beautiful. Naturally, I took rolls of pictures of these huge beauties, then tucked them away in an album. Well.... while I was casting about for ideas for my next project, I pulled the album out, and sketched a few of the pictures. So here's what I will be working on next:

Here's the photograph, and below is my design

I will be using hand-dyed fabrics, and free-motion quilting for the details. And with all the pictures I took, hopefully this will be just the first in a series!

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