Saturday, February 23, 2008

Alabama Hills - day1

Today, I dyed several pieces of fabric to use on my new rock piece, based on a picture I took in the Alabama Hills back in 1997.

I am using scraps of cotton crinkle cloth, bleached and unbleached muslin for the project. I dyed several pieces this morning using light strength Charcoal, Camel, Rust brown, Chocolate brown and Havana brown Procion MX dyes from Dharma. The rocks in the photo don't have much color, mostly just light and dark neutrals, but my color junkie demands colors, sooooo......

Here's a detail shot of the area I have fused so far:

The fusing is going quicker than I thought it would, so I should be ready to embellish in another day or so. My plan is to use contrasting thread to add details to the rocks, and texturize the sky.

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Plain Jane said...

this is lookin' good!!