Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another experiment

I decided to do another art cloth using DVD's and Clamps to resist the dye. This time, after first using LWI to lay on the first colors - lemon yellow, medium orange and scarlet - I dried the fabric, then pressed, accordion folded and applied the DVD's and clamps. Then, instead of applying the black dye using LWI, I decided to apply thickened dye with a squeeze bottle. I began to apply the black, then realized I had not soda soaked the fabric first! So, in the interest of finding out what would happen, I finished applying the black dye, let the piece sit for an hour, then sprayed on soda ash. After letting the soda ash soak in for another hour, I washed the fabric. To my surprise, not only didn't the black dye wash out, but I think it came out better than the first piece where I used LWI to apply the black! Here is the new piece:

Here is a closeup of the middle rows:

If you look closely, you might see what resembles Hibiscus flowers... another 'happy accident'! I will no doubt be doing more pieces using this method, and I am convinced that no two will look alike! Stay tuned...

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Melly Testa said...

very interesting stuff here Judy!! Better black too!