Thursday, September 27, 2007

Creative Ramblings

October 2, 2005. I have recently began to reach back into my creative bag of tricks and revive my love of Crazy Quilting. I first started dabbling in this area about 15 years ago, but put it aside as my tie-dye business began to grow. But I have always.... ALWAYS loved to make things from scraps of fabric, and embellish them with stitching and shiny things! I guess I just enjoy anything that allows me to be creative, whether it be with fabric, paint, beads, dye... So I am back at it! I dug through boxes in the garage and came up with pictures of some of my creations, and plan to scan them and upload them to my blog in the coming weeks. I already have some uploaded, so will start with them.

Hand stitched wall hanging with hand-dyed cloth - this was inspired by a visit to Monument Valley in 2001.

Irises in the Garden - Hand stitched wall hanging with hand-dyed cloth, 2002.

Hand-dyed fabric vest

Crazy Quilt Vest

'Robin' Hand Embroidered Picture

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