Thursday, December 10, 2020

Studio tour and More!

My friend Jana is coaching me on how to "up my game" to increase interest in my work, so today I made a video to give my friends and customers a short tour of my studio space.  This was made totally on the fly, but I'm hoping it encourages me to use video as a good tool to share my work, process and thoughts going forward.  Grab a seat, your popcorn and soda!

 My Studio Tour

I can't believe it's been about 10 years since I posted anything on you tube!  Next year I hope to get back to doing demonstrations and tutorials, so stay tuned!

On another note, I recently opened a new shop on Etsy just to see how I would do there.  So far, no sales, but there are a lot more sellers there, so I am working to learn the ropes on how to get my work noticed.  

And I have decided to make a few changes to my branding in 2021:  First, a brand new Logo!

It may look a little colorless, but my plan is to have a couple of stamps made up that I can use for my hang tags, business cards, etc.  I really like the look of it... much more professional than the one I have used for years, and it is not limiting like my current one is.  I've gone beyond just tie-dye, so I need something that will be "me" on all my work!  And along those lines, I plan to change my domain name from to a bit longer, but it's my biz name, so it ties together.

But I'm not just focusing on the biz end of things!  Yesterday, I picked up some things to use as displays with my bowls when I photograph them, to give people an idea of how they can be put to use.  I started out recently using various purse items:

This is a practical display, but kind of "meh" as far as garnering any interest.

This is a totally decorative display, but might start giving the viewer some ideas

So far, this is my favorite... functional and decorative, and of course, colorful!

I also realized that I'm in need of more scarves to sell... one of my best selling items for Holiday gifts, so I pulled out some silk/rayon cut velvet fringed scarves I've had in my undyed inventory, and did a couple of dye batches the other day.  Here are a few:

I love the colors on this first one:  Orchid, Avocado and Golden Yellow.  They seem to really go with the season!  And I love Paisley - this one and the one below are the same pattern.  The one above is 14 x 72, the two below are 10 x 58.

This one is Burgundy, Moss Green and Golden Yellow... another great wintertime combination.

And this is the same Burgundy, Moss Green and Golden Yellow, but in a leaf design.  I'm so glad I remembered that I had these!

Okay, time to get off the computer - been spending way too many hours on it recently, and I think it's time to get back to the studio!  Happy Holidays to you all, and here's hoping that 2021 brings us all good health and harmony! 


Beth said...

Great tour. I feel like I've been to Arizona! I also like your new logo.

Jeanne Aird said...

Beautiful scarves and love the colorful bowl with the fruit in it!