Monday, September 21, 2015

Autumn Leaves & Holly

I've been working on adding to my inventory for the Autumn Leaves & Holly show next weekend:

This is our third year putting this show on, and it has become a favorite of mine and my regular customers... lots of beautiful hand-crafted items from a variety of great crafters.  As usual, I wanted to have a good selection of Autumn-inspired items available, so here are a few of the bowls I will be offering:

This year, I decided to add some autumn leaves to the ones in back... I love autumn leaves, and use them a lot in my various crafts.  And of course, I have a selection of my autumn leaves batik shirts:
We have some new crafters in the show this year as well as some of our regulars... all very talented, offering some wonderful items for sale.  I hope  if you are in the Flagstaff area you will try to stop by!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Craft Show season!

My last post was about Flagstaff Open Studios Tour, which was a raging success for me this year! Wonderful sales, both at the month-long Prelude Exhibit at our local shopping mall, and also at the 2-day tour at my friends Mack and Cinde's home just north of town.
Cinde with a selection of her fabulous beaded wall art

Mack in his fused glass studio
So, the dust has barely settled on that event, and I'm busy making scarves, coiled fabric bowls, notepad covers, Autumn leaves shirts and more, because I still have 3 big shows coming up before the craft show season winds down for yet another year - see my Show Schedule above. 
BTW, here is one of the bowls that I sold during Open Studios, a companion to the first bowl I sold at Prelude exhibit:
I love these because I randomly pull strips of fabric from a bin to make a colorful bowl, then finish with wrapped cord I shape into a slithering snake, complete with beady eyes and a red serpent tongue. this one has a snake made from some beautiful black and white print fabric I bought awhile back, just saving it for something special.
Well, back to the studio... time's a-wasting!