Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring projects

I'm really feeling Spring in the air now!  We had rain/snow yesterday, but today the sun is out, the snow is melting, and I'm really having fun with dyeing and bowl making!  I finished this bowl the other day:

What looks like pale green is really a blue/green, but the lights bled it out.  I love the circles as an alternate way to finish it... I tacked them on in several places to hold the shape.  I will be making more like this, I think.  And I just ordered another bowl book which should be here sometime next week... it shows how to make different shapes, and I'm anxious to dive into it!
Meanwhile, I have been ice cube dyeing.  I have a show coming up in April, and wanted to replenish my shirt inventory... here's a sample:

I'm trying to add different colors to the mix, including some that maybe would appeal to guys.  And I liked how these came out so well, I decided to try the fold on a rayon circular scarf:
I love how rayon takes the dyes!  You really don't get the full effect of the pattern when it's coiled like this, but I'm doing some shirts with the same color combo, so they should look more like the shirts above but really bright and vibrant!
By the way, I recently had the ice maker hooked up, which is really nice when I'm ice dyeing... but I used them all and had to go to the local mini-mart and buy some to finish today's dye project!  Guess I'll have to stock pile a little better for future sessions...

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Beth said...

Great stuff and I love the rayon scarf!!!