Sunday, March 16, 2014

Road Trip and other fun things!

This week's highlight was a trip with my friend Sherrie Spangler down to Prescott, AZ.  As you may recall from my last post, Sherrie, who lives in Gig Harbor, WA, is visiting Sedona again this year for some sunshine and warmth with her husband Dave.  Anyway, last week, I drove down and picked her up and we headed for Prescott, about an hour southwest of Sedona.  I know a few fabric stores down there, and wanted to give her a tour.  She posted about the trip on her blog, and she is ever so much better at taking pictures than I am!  But I snatched this shot from her post, taken by Dave before we took off:
Notice the colors we are both wearing?  We did not coordinate our wardrobes before we met!  We just both LOVE color!
So off we went, stopping at Cloth Plus first... a favorite of mine, as they carry a wonderful selection of batik fabrics.  Sherrie scored big time, and I found a couple of pieces for a great price - bolt ends on sale.  Next, we stopped at Seams so Right ,  another favorite of mine... so much wonderful fabric!
After thoroughly  browsing the bolts there, it was time for a lunch break to refuel... so we stopped at a great little restaurant down the street  -  El Gato Azul:

We sat out in the patio, soaking up the warmth of the sun and enjoying a yummy repast.
I had to take a photo of this wonderful ceramic cat, posing at the bar of the restaurant... almost looks tie-dyed, doesn't it?!

Then on to one more shop, "Love It Again", which is a great little shop with remnants of fabric, yarns, thread, books... you name it!
All too soon, it was time to head back.  Sherrie and I are already planning next year's adventure, as we have decided this is a great annual event!
Meanwhile, I'm still dyeing rayon scarves... finished up a couple of great multicolored freeze-dyes the other day, looking like southwest sunsets:

I really love the intensity I get dyeing rayon...these just make my heart sing!  Much, much more to come...


Beth said...

Boy does that sound like a fun adventure. I even liked the sitting in the sun on the patio part, let alone fabric stores everywhere!!

Judy said...

I had to chuckle when I saw your coordinated tops….only fiber artists would do that unintentionally! Judy, I love, love, love your rayon scarves! I adore rayon too, and have toyed with the idea of making a lot of rayon cowls, as rayon drapes so beautifully. But this toying occurs at about 3:35AM, and then when the day gets rolling along, the idea gets lost in daily routines! ;-) Oh well!