Sunday, June 9, 2013

Are we done yet?

I've been working on a free-form art quilt for awhile now, and think I'm almost done... and yet, I see a couple of areas that seem to need something, and I'm not sure what!
I have added some couched embroidery floss and some buttons since the last post... maybe a few more scraps of fabric as well.  Today, I trimmed it and ran a zigzag stitch around the edge.  My first inclination is to mount it on a painted canvas, if I can find one the right size.  I did that here and like how it came out. 

I put a black mat board over it here to see how it would look with a black background.  I could conceivably mat and frame it, but finding a decent frame for a decent price is always a challenge.
Whichever way I decide to prepare it for hanging, I keep looking at the turquoise shape in the lower left quadrant... it seems to need something bright, but I haven't found the right 'something' yet.  I have lime green buttons, some lime green fabric, some bright orange...  just not sure yet!  Hopefully it will come to me soon, as I'm hoping to have this ready for the Prelude Opening Reception in July... meanwhile, I have another piece in progress too, so I may have at least 2 to choose from!  As always, stay tuned...

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