Sunday, January 27, 2013

Contrast in fiber

Recently, I posted about some exercises I had done with black construction paper, cutting out shapes and gluing them onto white card stock.  I decided to translate one composition to fabric, and used black fabric fused to a hand-dyed piece of fabric in warm tones.  Here is the original paper design, and the fabric piece:

I had a mat from a frame handy and decided to see how the piece would look framed.  I like how the background glows through the black pieces, and it does tell me that this is a viable way to design abstract fiber art pieces.
I did a second experiment yesterday, this time working from the mountain scene I created based on a photo:

Here's the black and white design

Here's the original photo

Here's the fused fabric.  I'm not that thrilled with how this piece came out.  I think I would get a better design using the black over a color, as I did on the first example shown above.  Either that or use fabrics with more color contrast. I need to give this some more thought!


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