Thursday, December 20, 2012

Laptop Cover

First off, I need to give full credit to Beth Berman for what you are about to see... check out her wonderful post here.  You will find a great post describing an ipad cover she made for a friend!  I fell in love with it, and decided to try my hand at making something similar for my new laptop.  I dove into the fabric stash, and came up with a combination of hand dyed fabric and commercially dyed/printed fabrics, then I set out to make the quilted piece for the cover.  I spent several visits reviewing Beth's work and analyzing the process she used to construct her cover.  Finally, this morning I was ready to assemble my cover.  I hemmed the top edges of the cover.  The straps were made and attached to the cover, then I stitched up the sides.  I then discovered that I had not made the cover wide enough to allow the laptop to be placed inside... oh, no!  I quickly e-mailed Beth for ideas, and she came up with the perfect solution!  I quilted 2 strips - one to be added to each side of the cover.  I ripped out the seams on the sides and part of the hems on the top edges. Then I aligned  the strips of quilted fabric with the sides, edge to edge.  I used my zigzag stitch to attach the strips, then I covered the zigzags with a strip of fabric with raw edges folded under.  I re-measured the width, trimmed off the excess fabric, re-hemmed the top edges, then  seamed the sides.  Aah... now it fits!  Here are pix of the front and back:

I really like how this came out!  I used 'flip and sew' to attach the fabric to batting and backing.  Then I used free-motion quilting to enhance each piece.  I still need to attach a tab with velcro, but I think I'll leave that for tomorrow... thanks again to Beth for all her help and inspiration!  She's a very lovely and talented lady I met on  "...And  Then We Set it on Fire".   If you haven't visited yet, you should check it out!  Lots of inspiration to be found there! 

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