Saturday, June 30, 2012

September class

Sooo.... the students were hardly out of the driveway following the Tie-Dye Batik class last Saturday when my mind turned to planning for the upcoming Surface Design class September 8th! We are planning to cover several techniques, and I've been busy this week totally turning my studio upside down as I create samples of fabric using stamps, stencils, and other items to transform plain white fabric into one-of-a-kind fiber art! Here's a couple of photos of my studio taken this morning:

I finally had to get out of there for awhile... my Virgo self is screaming to straighten everything up and bring some order into the area, while my "Wild Child" is on a crazy trip... pulse quickening, head racing... too much stimulation! Here is a sample of a couple of things I'm working on:

These are just test prints, and I'm using up some thickened dyes I've had for awhile. I hope to complete some actual samples for the class that would include dyed fabric that uses several of the techniques to create a fabric that could be used for quilts or other fiber art projects. Several years ago, I participated in a couple of 'round robins' using a variety of techniques, and here's a covered notebook I made using one of the fabrics:
I'm really excited about this class, and hope to make it a veritable banquet of Surface Design techniques for the students! More to come...
Update: the class had originally been scheduled for August 4th, but due to scheduling conflicts has been rescheduled for September 8th, so I just updated the info above!

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