Friday, December 9, 2011

Switching gears

I've been wanting to do some more batik fabric pieces, and decided to play with some fabric I dyed a couple of years ago using a technique where I scrunched fabric over a plastic trash bag:
I used the 3 primary colors to dye, and it came out a little harsh. So yesterday, I melted my soy wax, got out my 'tools' and proceeded to create a wax design. After the wax dried, I pre-soaked the fabric in soda ash then hung it to dry. This morning, I dyed the fabric in black using low water immersion, and here it is:
I kind of wish I had done more waxing in the middle, but I think it's still interesting, and will be a nice fabric to use in my strip sewing. Meanwhile, I have another piece of the pre-dyed fabric that I think I'll dye using my 'funky dye' swirl... again, with the idea in mind that I will use it for strip sewing, so stay tuned as I blend the two techniques!

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Connie Rose said...

Beautiful, Judy. And I love the strip work you're doing. I'm so intrigued with that...but have enough on my plate these days. Happy Holidays my friend. xo