Thursday, December 29, 2011

Split Rail lap quilt

I finally finished my Split-Rail lap quilt that I started last March! I got partially done with the actual quilting back then, but put it aside to do a number of other things and never got back to it until last weekend. I have decided that I don't really enjoy the quilting process, mainly because I have a regular sewing machine as opposed to a quilting machine, and it's very frustrating to deal with the bulk when you don't have at least a medium quilting arm on your machine! But I got through it, and here it is:
The close-up shot gives a better idea of the colors in the batik fabrics I used... I love these fabrics! And I'm very pleased with how it turned out... just in time, because the lap quilt I made around 2005 is starting to show some wear, and I use it daily! Anyway, just wanted to "show and tell" about my latest finished project!

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