Saturday, December 31, 2011

Exciting projects for 2012!

My first memories of doing creative things dates back to before I entered kindergarten... a LONG time ago! My mom was very creative, and she shared her love of creating things with me. But by now, you would think the excitement would have worn off, and I would be a little more blase` about it, right? NOT!! I am getting very excited about the things I hope to do next year... here's a partial list:
This is my project board, where I keep track of things I want to do or try. I left a couple of items on from this year, removed a couple I had completed, and took off a few I decided not to pursue in the coming year. I can always add them in if I change my mind! Topping the list is wholesale accounts - I am hoping to find some shops that want to sell my tie-dye, with the idea being I could focus more on production and less on craft shows, which are a drain on my energy. Next is deconstructed screen printing, a holdover from this year. I was first exposed to this back in '07 when I took a class from Melly Testa, who remains one of my creative inspirations. I have not used the technique since her class, although I did buy a Kerr Grabowski video a few years back. This is a technique that intrigues me, and I really hope to do more with it in 2012.
Next is stamps - carving, block printing with them... my favorite inspiration for this technique is Cynthia St. Charles, who makes wonderful art and landscape quilts and other fiber creations where she incorporates her hand carved stamps into the designs.
Next on the list is batik... I have used this technique quite a bit since I learned it in Melly's class, but I want to explore it further, so I'll be using up a lot of soy wax in the coming year!
Continuing on, the next item is books. I am currently writing a book on tie-dye, and I am also co-authoring a book with my friend Joyce, who is a very successful crafter... the working title of the book is "Biz Book for Crafters and Artisans". We took a little break this fall to do some craft shows, and Joyce has a burgeoning wholesale business, but we are ready to wrap it up in 2012.
Dyed Fabrics, the next item on my list. I have been dyeing fabrics as well as clothing for awhile now, but I have decided to branch out and sell my hand dyed fabrics... after all, I can't use all the fabric I dye, even if I decided to stop dyeing clothing altogether! My hope is to use multiple surface design techniques to make unique cloth for others to use in their sewing projects!
Last on the list is thermofax screens... I have wanted to create designs to be converted to thermofax screens for some time, and just didn't get around to it... you know! Well, I'm bound and determined to try and get some made up this year, and Lynn Krawczyk , also known as Fibra Artysta, has a Thermofax Screen Service. I know a number of others do as well, I just saw hers mentioned on her blog a few years back, so I have saved her info and plan to give her a try.
Needless to say, I'm really jazzed about all the fun things I hope to do next year! So with all this excess energy, I decided today would be a great day to get some cleaning done... and I started with my studio! I'm not done in there yet, but did come up with a way to store my serger thread:
I reuse the containers that our dishwashing soap comes in for dyeing, but decided they are also just the right size for the thread cones, and they are stackable... nice!
Okay, on to the next cleaning project, so I can be ready to start the New Year tomorrow! Happy New Year to you all, and let's make it a colorful and creative one!

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