Monday, December 12, 2011

Solar eruption?

After studying the fabric I posted about yesterday, I decided to use it for a whole cloth art cloth. I trimmed the sides and here is how it looks now:
I pinned it to a plain muslin backing, and started to do some highlight stitching... first using the sewing machine and free-form stitching, then I tried hand-stitching with embroidery floss. I'm not happy with either attempt so far, but don't have a lot done yet. I guess I need to study it a little more before proceeding. Maybe I should just do some meandering with free motion stitching to anchor it, instead of trying to highlight some of the shapes. I have difficulty seeing the design when it's under the sewing machine foot, and I'm using thread that blends with the dyed areas... maybe some metallic thread or beading would create more noticeable highlights. No rush... think I'll ruminate a little before proceeding!

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Cynthia St Charles said...

Yes, this is a beautiful piece. It deserves to stand alone!