Sunday, December 11, 2011

Possible new project

After playing with the batik fabric I created a few days ago, I got inspired to try a new project using batik fabric. But I will need more than the amount of fabric I finished recently, so I cut about a yard and scrunch dyed it today:
The idea I have is to create a 'space junk' whole cloth quilt, and I envisioned shapes similar to the ones on my smaller cloth, floating on a black background. This fabric has better colors than the practice piece, but I almost hate to overdye with black and obliterate all that color! So I'm going to study it for awhile before I proceed. The way this came out, it almost looks like a solar explosion, so I may put it aside and dye another piece for my 'space junk' idea. That's what I love about having a bunch of pre-washed undyed muslin hanging around... just waiting for inspiration to strike!

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