Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mountain Campus Holiday Show

Yesterday was the first day of this year's Mountain Campus Holiday show, held at Northern Arizona University. It's my last show of the year, and one of the 2 biggest shows I participate in.
Here I am with a set of my notecards, a new product I worked up for this year's show:
It was a long day yesterday... 9 hours! Sales were okay... hopefully the wind won't keep people from coming today! Here's a shot of my booth:
Funny how different things sell well one year, and not the next. I have had fabulous sales in the past with my silk and silk/rayon scarves, but only sold one yesterday!
My friend Cinde was set up next to me... she does beautiful beaded jewelry, and had a large supply of beaded snowflakes this year:
Good think, because she sold lots of them! Okay, time to get ready for today's show... I'll catch up on my rest tomorrow!

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