Tuesday, October 11, 2011

RIP, washer

My 8+ year old washing machine died yesterday... I really thought it would last longer, but no!

So first I was going to have the repair guy out to fix it... called Sears, and the earliest they could get here was Friday. Awhile later, I decided to check my friendly yellow pages to see if a local repair guy could come out sooner. Talked to one, described the 'bang... clunk...' noise it made when I set it to spin. He was very pessimistic, and told me what he thought it could be. Basically, he said to repair it would cost about as much as to buy a new one. Bummer!!!
Well, I bit the bullet and drove to town to price replacements... found one a lot cheaper than I thought it would be, and it will be delivered today... yaay! And they will take the dead one to the recycle place for dead washers... double yaay!
So a), I get to help the economy, b) thank goodness I have plastic, and c) I'll be back to dyeing and washing very soon! That's my good news for the day...

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