Friday, October 14, 2011

Coming attractions!

I am best known for my tie-dye clothing and other fiber arts such as art quilts. But I have another creative interest which has given me great joy for even longer than my fiber arts outlets, and that interest is photography. I confess that I have never pursued higher education in this area... my eyes cross and my brain freezes when subjects such as f-stops and lens aperatures come up. I have been a 'point and shoot' photographer for a number of years, and really fell in love when I got my digital camera several years ago! Now, instead of having bags and boxes full of snapshots, I have file folders full of images on my external hard drive. Landscape photography has been my main interest, but I also find myself capturing images of critters - cats, birds, prairie dogs... you name it! So what am I rambling on for? Well, I am very happy to announce that I will be offering notecards this year with photography by moi! I just got my first batch today, and will be adding them to my on-line store shortly. But I wanted to give you a preview of what will be offered:

Here are some of the images used:

These shots have been taken over the course of 10 years... Monument valley in 2001, when my husband and I first visited Arizona... the next one shown here was just a couple of weeks ago when I took a short trip to New Mexico with my friend Cinde. The cards are semi-gloss on the outside, and matte finish on the inside, and will include an envelope. I plan on boxing them 10 to a set. They should be in the shop in a week or so, so check back if you are interested! I will post an update here to let you know they are available.

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