Friday, July 29, 2011

Funky dyeing

I've been trying to get some dyeing done for my Open Studios show next month, but haven't been real inspired with any particular designs, so my output has been slow. Today, I decided to scrunch up several shirts in a couple of bins, and just pour several colors over to see how they would look. I've done this kind of freeform dyeing before, and sometimes it works, sometimes the shirts end up looking "butt-ugly", you should pardon the vulgarity. Well, I did 5 shirts, and 3 came out just fine without any further tweaking:

The other two weren't quite as good, but I scrunched them up and overdyed with a nice strong black, and I like how they look! I'll take pix of them and post them tomorrow. Now I'm hot to do some more like these... don't know if I'm just getting lazy, or if I don't want to be as structured right now as I would need be to do some of the more ornate folded pieces. Anyway, we'll see how these sell... I may be on to something! Funky scrunches!

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