Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The deed is done!

For those of you who were following my blog last summer, you might recall that I decided to take in a stray cat... something I don't normally do.  But he was skin and bones, and I just couldn't see him wasting away, so against my better judgement I began to put out dry food and water on the deck.  Eventually, I was able to start coaxing him inside with some wet food, and was successful in being able to shelter him inside through the winter.  One thing I have had in mind was to get him in to the vets to have him altered, and today was the day!
I got this shot of him this morning, before the trip to the vet's.  I think he knew something was going on, when he discovered I hadn't put any food out for him.  I tried to put him in a small pet carrier, but he was too tall, so I had to drag out the giant sized one.  He was not a happy camper in that carrier!  Didn't speak to me all the way to and from the vet's office!  But he got through the surgery alright.  Now I need to keep him inside for 2-3 days (yeah, right!), no food until tomorrow... poor little guy, he's not that big!  Missing a whole day of meals could take off some weight he can't afford to lose!  But I guess that is so he won't get sick, following the anesthesia.  Anyway, he's back talking to me again, and right now he's looking for a way to get outside.  My other two boys have been banished to the patio room for awhile to give Shrekkie a chance to recuperate.  One thing I refused was the collar they usually put on animals to keep them from licking the surgery... there is no way this little guy would tolerate that!    Oh, yeah, and I get to feed him medicine twice a day for 5 days... sigh!  Guess we'll get through this somehow!

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Connie Rose said...

He's so beautiful! Maybe your healing time together will also allow you to bond in a new way, I hope so!