Thursday, March 10, 2011


So... you have to understand that normally, when I go to a Home Depot or other building supply store, it's usually not to buy things to use for projects around the house.  Those are my "Other" art stores!  But recently, I began a household project... painting the interior.  We have lived here almost 8 years, and I have only painted one wall in the house until recently!  So this week, I started painting the living room.  One wall is to be "Spiced Pumpkin", the rest will be off-white.  One challenge has been that the walls are "texturized", which means a lot more work to get even coverage!  Here is the first coat:
I know you can't see it from this shot, but there are lots of "holidays"... spots where the paint didn't cover the white below.  And I was using a roller to apply the paint.  Where I was trying to get the paint into the crevices, I spread it thinner than other areas, so the whole wall looked very splotchy.  Last night, I started thinking about maybe trying some "Faux Finish" techniques, and decided I would look at the store today to see what they had:
Now, I had pretty much already decided that I would apply a second coat to the wall before deciding if I wanted to go to all the effort of using faux finish, and I have completed the second coat and am pleased with how it looks now.  But I absoloutely had to have this kit!  It's a Martha Stewart product, but I don't really car who made it... what I'm excited about is what I can do with these to create Complex Cloth!  Woo-hoo!!!  When I took Melly Testa's class in 2007, she suggested picking up faux finish tools for creating Complex cloth, but I never found any until today... I will definitely post pix when I have time to play with these!  In the meantime, I may also use them somewhere in the house on wall decor, but I'm thinking the texturized walls might be a bit of a challenge!  Anyone know how to remove the texture from walls?  Just kidding!  

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