Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Batik

I just finished a new Autumn Leaves batik, similar to the first one I did last year which just sold. I love this design, and batik is the ideal technique to create the varigated colors that are so typical of leaves that turn colors in the fall:

This one is a little smaller than the first one I did, only 10 1/2 X 23 1/4 inches, but it doesn't need to be very large to be noticed! I could do these from now until the cows come home, and not grow tired of the colors, the theme or the feeling I get when I look at them! I have always had a passionate love of autumn leaves, so to find a way to create art that represents them is a real joy for me!


Approachable Art said...

Judy, this is a wonderful piece!

Chris said...

I love your idea for these pieces.

Connie Rose said...

I love it, Judy. Really wonderful!