Thursday, July 15, 2010

Resist dye experiments

Every once in awhile.... no, that's a LIE! I always want to experiment with dyes, resist methods, patterns... it just calls to me! So yesterday, I got "the call", and decided to revisit a method I first tried a few years ago, resist dyeing using CD's and clamps. I dyed a length of fabric with lemon yellow, light orange and scarlet to start with. Then I accordion folded the fabric, then covered the resulting folded fabric with CD's top and bottom, anchored with spring clamps:
Then I overdyed the exposed fabric with 3 colors, ombre-style: Maroon, Burgundy and Eggplant. After laundering and drying, I cut off a portion to further experiment with, forgetting to take a picture first... I make a really poor scientist! Anyway, here is a picture of the remaining fabric as it came out of the above dyebath:

I think there is enough here for you to see the ombre-effect.
With the two pieces I cut from the original, I refolded to match up the circles, then on the fabric on the left below, I used two rectangle-shaped wood pieces to partially cover the circles, using spring clamps to secure them; then I overdyed the exposed fabric with Royal Blue. On the fabric to the right, I used two oval wood shapes to partially cover the circles, again using spring clamps to secure them. Then I overdyed the exposed fabric with Cerulean Blue:
If you click on the images, you will see some of the blues have overdyed lighter areas to create some focal points. What I am amazed at is that the original circles were really transformed into different shapes! I was expecting some color layering but thought I would see the outline of the circles a little clearer, and maybe if I had overdyed with lighter dyes I would have. But I love the shapes that I get when I use this method to resist-dye. Now I need to get busy and use some of this fabric!


geni said...

Love the results of your experiments, they look gorgeous!

Connie Rose said...

Wonderful shibori, Judy!

Elizabeth said...

Love your results!! You are a process girl just like me!! I find it such fun when artists share their preocess with pictures on their blogs- but then I love to share!!!!