Sunday, June 13, 2010

Two more ponchos

I finished another two today! The first is made of fabric I recently acquired that had a white background and a screened design in black. I overdyed with Hot Pink:

I love the combination of the Hot Pink with the design... the only 'drawback' with this one is the fabric is a little stiffer than the rayon or crinkle cloth, but I think it's still a winner!

The other one is made of cotton gauze crinkle cloth I have had for awhile. I ended up putting this through 3 dye batches: hot pink in a scrunch, then tied the 'Novas' design and overdyed with Bubble gum pink, Light Fuchsia and Claret, then tied again in new spots and overdyed with Maroon and Burgundy. I'm pleased with the results:

The crinkle cloth is a soft, loose-woven fabric which drapes really well. Both of these are available at my online store


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Judy, I really love the second blouse, I wish I owned one!