Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dyeing class

Today was the Dyeing class that I taught with my friend Wendy. We had 11 students, and we taught them the basics of dyeing with procion mx dyes on cotton fabric. The first exercise was simply to mix dye in one of the 3 primary colors and dye a 1/2 yard piece of fabric a solid color.

Here are the dyed, bagged fabrics batching in the sun.

Next was the parfait dyeing, where we created a series of 3 pieces of fabric in dark, medium and light values of one color.

Wendy is showing off two 3-color parfait dyes she did last summer.
Next, we did a 2-color crossover with 5 1/2-yard pieces of fabric.

Foreground is one of the student's crossover fabrics, going from yellow to fuchsia.
Finally, I got a shot of the class holding up their fabrics from the first exercise:

Hopefully, I will get pix from the students that I can post to show you how their other exercises turned out.
The last exercise was called 'happy accidents' and I gave them samples of several tied, folded or scrunched patterns to try so they could use up their leftover dyes... can't wait to see how they turned out! Stay tuned...

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