Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hanging the Library quilt show

Friday, members of the Coconino Quilters' Guild met with a crew from the city to hang our Bi-annual Library Quilt Show at the Flagstaff Main library. We got there about 8, and by noon the job was done! Here are some shots of the work in progress:
City crew checking their progress
Looking at the East side
So far, so good!
City worker on the cherry picker
This side is almost done!

Working on the display case

Group shot of all the worker bees!
This is a very popular event in our town... people love to come in and browse, admiring the work of so many talented people! I hope to get back in soon to take more pictures, and will post the other side of the library and the small pieces soon.


Linda Moran said...

I guess I missed the fact that you're in Flagstaff - I'm in Tucson -hey, what's seven hours, right? The quilts look great - how long will the show be up?

tiedyejudy said...

To Linda and anyone else who is in the area or plans to visit Flagstaff: the Library Quilt show will run until Friday, March 26th.
If you get a chance, please stop by!

Rayna said...

What a great idea! Looking at those guys on the ladders, though, is a bit nerve-wracking. Nice that the residents love to come and see the quilts every year.