Monday, July 13, 2009

Another 'pole wrap' experiment

Thanks to some suggestions from Connie Rose, whose work with pole wrap shibori is truly amazing, I have had another breakthrough in my experiments in 'pole wrap' (or in my case, 'bucket wrap') shibori. I had been very neatly wrapping my garment with rows of cord or sinew, then scrunching down to compact and create the resist pattern. What I was getting was nice, tidy rows of color in an "oh, too even", pattern. I asked Connie how she was able to get such beautiful patterns that resembled tree branches. What I got from her description was that I needed to be more relaxed in both my wrapping and my scrunching. For my first experiment, I used this tank:

This was one I wrapped on PVC pipine, and the overlap of the garment prevented a good wrap pattern.

Here it is with the over dye using the method described above:
The shirt wasn't quite dry when I took the pictures, so it looks a little darker than it is. But the organic pattern I achieved with the more relaxed wrap is what I have been striving for all along, and even though the original wrap pattern shows, I think the two blend well together. At any rate, I'm very pleased with the progress this change has helped me to make... thanks, Connie!

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