Saturday, May 30, 2009

The final task...

Yesterday, I got together with Joyce and Evalyn, the other two ladies I worked with on the Golf shoe bag project. We met at Joyce's house to put together 80+ sets of golf shoe bags, tissue covers, eyeglass cases and Evalyn's 'Cool Collars', plus biz cards and collar instructions. What a blast! We had it all done in a little over an hour and it is now ready to be picked up by the client. Here are some pix of the three of us and the bags:

These are some of the bags before we 'stuffed' them.
That's Evalyn on the left, Joyce on the right, and me hiding in the back. Joyce's husband was kind enough to man the camera.

Joyce is playing 'Vanna' here...

Don't we look happy? We are! We're done!
Here are the bins of 'Stuffed' bags, waiting to be picked up.
What I didn't get pix of is the three of us moving down the assembly line and stuffing the bags. We didn't run into each other even once! Way ta go, gals!


Connie Rose said...

Outrageous, Judy! You guys are amazing. Great job!!

zquilts said...

Great job! Way to go !